Samantha, a physician’s digital assistant

From a single screen, a physician can either type or dictate the entire narrative of the patient encounter. Once the narrative is complete, Samantha takes over through her artificial intelligence and natural language understanding and goes to work. 

Samantha intelligently parses the dictated text and identifies the structured data the EHR requires. Samantha ensures the terms the clinician dictated are what the EHR expects and automatically assigns the proper coding. Samantha automatically and seamlessly enters all of the patient information into the EHR, exactly where the data needs to be, just as if the physician had entered it themselves—all without navigating screen to screen and with just a few clicks. 

In addition to the artificial intelligence of Samantha, what sets NoteSwift apart from other solutions is our seamless integration with the EHR. We know what terminology the EHR is expecting and know where structured data needs to go, what check boxes to complete and where to put the narrative text. Samantha matches dictated terms with the proper equivalent in the EHR, and detects potential conflicts or ambiguous terms, automatically prompting the user to review and correct any potential conflicts, ensuring maximum accuracy. 

Samantha also learns from the provider and will improve upon the tasks that the physician most commonly performs over time—just like a transcriptionist, but in real time and without the expense. 

Samantha’s Key Differentiators:

Samantha enhances your EHR user experience

Samantha’s key benefits