Samantha by NoteSwift wins Product Evolution Award at the 2017 Allscripts Developer Summit

NoteSwift’s revolutionary new product, Samantha — your real-time, automated EHR transcriptionist — was selected as winner of the Product Evolution Award at the 2017 Allscripts Developer Summit in San Francisco, CA.

Samantha is the latest revolutionary product from NoteSwift. With her own built-in speech recognition capabilities and patent-pending technology, Samantha intelligently parses dictated or typed patient note information and automatically places it as structured, discrete data and narrative text, directly into Allscripts Professional EHR™.

“Innovative companies are always improving their functionality, re-imagining their products and taking advantage of the latest technology available,” explains Tina Joros, VP & General Manager of Allscripts’ Open Business Unit. “The Samantha product by NoteSwift encompasses all these qualities and we are proud to award them with our Product Evolution Award for 2017.”

Because Samantha is seamlessly integrated with Allscripts Professional EHR, she understands the specific rules for each section of the note and applies all necessary coding, including ICD-10, SNOMED, and CPT codes. Her semantic intelligence enables her to match dictated terms with the proper equivalent in the EHR, and to detect potential conflicts or ambiguous terms, and enable them to be corrected easily before the note is signed-off on and finalized. 

Samantha’s proprietary intelligent technology also learns from the provider and will perform better over time on the tasks that the physician most commonly performs — just like a professional transcriptionist, but in real time. 

“Samantha is truly a game changer,” says Dr. Chris Russell, a practicing neurologist and NoteSwift’s Founder and Chief Medical Officer. “She dramatically speeds up the patient note entry process and saves me and my team an average of 6 hours each week in EHR documentation time.”

For more information about Samantha and NoteSwift, visit the Allscripts Application Store, or schedule a live demonstration.

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