NoteSwift Named Top Ten EHR/EMR Solution of 2017 by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine

NoteSwift’s revolutionary approach to improving EHR usability and our patent-pending new EHR transcription solution, Samantha, are featured on Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine’s “Top Ten EHR/EMR Solutions of 2017” List.

View the NoteSwift feature in Healthcare Tech Outlook’s EHR/EMR Issue.

NoteSwift CEO Wayne Crandall spoke with Healthcare Tech Outlook about Samantha, and our continued commitment to developing innovative ways to improve the EHR user experience for medical providers.

Read on for an excerpt from the article:

“Not only are providers spending too much time on patient notes, healthcare facilities often also employ staff to recheck those notes to ensure accuracy, resulting in even higher costs, lower revenues, and less efficiency,” says NoteSwift CEO Wayne Crandall.

Thanks to NoteSwift’s patent-pending semantic understanding and advanced parsing technology, Samantha is a game-changer in the EHR industry. With its own innate medical speech recognition system, natural language understanding, machine learning capabilities, and data structure analytics, Samantha captures patient notes in real-time and feeds the information accurately into the EHR as structured and coded data.

“Physicians simply dictate or type the complete narrative of patient interactions and the rest is done automatically within seconds,” Crandall explains. The solution ensures that the correct terminology, words, and data formats are used to avoid errors and claim denials. Hospitals and healthcare providers can now submit reimbursement claims faster with fewer insurance denials, as Samantha also assigns all the medical coding with precision—without the aid of any transcriptionists or medical staff.

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