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NoteSwift™ 2.0 for Allscripts Professional EHR™ Reduces Mouse Clicks by up to 96%

NoteSwift Inc., announced today their new NoteSwift™ 2.0 for Allscripts Professional EHR versions 10.0, 12.1 and 13.0. NoteSwift is the bridge between the EHR and Dragon Medical interpreting speech as commands to navigate and document clinical information at the point of care. NoteSwift reduces the time a provider spends creating a patient note by more than half – and virtually eliminates mouse clicks – one of the major pain points providers state impedes EHR use according to the June 12, 2014 HIMSS EHR Usability Pain Point Survey.

SwiftNav™ technology within NoteSwift facilitates navigation through the patient note. No more clicking through multiple screens or utilizing check boxes – say the name of the section of the note or item to be selected and NoteSwift automatically takes you there or ticks the box. The need for keyboard and mouse is unnecessary in most sections of the note as providers can dictate both structured data and narrative text. In addition, due to advanced integration with Allscripts Professional EHR – NoteSwift easily discerns what parts of the dictated speech should be entered where.

Using NoteSwift, Allscripts Professional EHR users can now easily create a patient note that contains all relevant and billable data.

New features in NoteSwift 2.0 for Allscripts Professional EHR include:

  • Reason for Visit now accepts dictation as structured data to support MU guidelines
  • Ability to speak shortlist protocols in the Assessment and Plan, delivers an entire protocol with one spoken command.
  • Dictated prescriptions are captured and parsed automatically. Speak the prescription information naturally without pauses – the drug name, strength, dosage, refill count – and the data is automatically entered and ready to ePrescribe. No clicks needed.
  • Diagnoses are entered along with the appropriate ICD 10 codes to support accurate billing and reporting.
  • Ability to dictate procedures and have them entered alongside the correct CPT codes. No need to enter codes manually.

“Making EHRs easier to use while minimizing the time it takes to create patient notes is critical for the successful adoption of EHRs,” said NoteSwift’s president and CEO, Wayne Crandall. “We hear continuously from providers that the number of mouse clicks it takes to complete a note is excessive. With NoteSwift, we reduce that by up to 96% – just say what you want to do and NoteSwift takes action. We are very confident of the time savings providers will see with NoteSwift 2.0 for Allscripts Professional EHR.”

NoteSwift allows the provider to utilize speech recognition in an intuitive way without the need to learn everything about the technology they are using. The provider navigates within the note, speaks the narrative text, or structured data, and NoteSwift does all the heavy lifting. The note is completed in minutes, with virtually no clicking, and no scribe is needed for transcription. 
Certified by Allscripts, NoteSwift 2.0 for Allscripts Professional EHR supports meaningful use documentation workflows.

For more information about NoteSwift, visit the Allscripts Application Store or send an email to for a custom quote and demo. Allscripts Professional EHR clients can attend a weekly webinar on to learn more.

About NoteSwift

NoteSwift is dedicated to improving physician workflow with innovative technology solutions. The company was founded by Dr. Chris Russell, a software engineer-turned-physician who recognized that speech recognition was an unfulfilled technology in medicine with great promise. NoteSwift offers speech recognition enhancement solutions for both Allscripts TouchWorks and Professional EHRs.

NoteSwift and the NoteSwift logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NoteSwift Corporation, Inc. in the United States of America and/or other countries. All other company names or product names may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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