NoteSwift Announces Support for Aprima PRM 2014

Saves Providers Hours Each Day in Creating Patient Notes

Boston, MA, May 14, 2014 – NoteSwift Inc., has announced today the availability of NoteSwift™ for Aprima® PRM 2014. NoteSwift interprets recognized speech from Dragon Medical Practice Edition as either commands that drive the EHR interface, or as content to be inserted into the fields of the patient note.

NoteSwift virtually eliminates the number of clicks required to complete patient documentation.  Providers simply say what they want rather than click in check boxes, radio buttons, or mouse through multiple screens.  NoteSwift for Aprima helps the practitioner capture the patient visit, expedite the documentation process and can reduce pointing and clicking by up to 91%.

“We have worked closely with NoteSwift to improve the integration of speech in Aprima PRM 2014” says Mark Richards, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Aprima. “When we saw how well NoteSwift increased efficiency between Aprima and Dragon Medical Practice Edition, we felt this was an excellent option to offer our customers.”

 NoteSwift for Aprima key features include:

  • New SwiftNav™ Technology – facilitates navigation through the EHR. No need to click through multiple screens. With SwiftNav™, all users have to do is say the section of the note they need to access and NoteSwift takes you there.
  • Structured Data Entry – NoteSwift captures medications and allergies as searchable, structured data. Aprima’s internal E&M coding algorithms continue to work, unlike many systems where speech recognition benefits can be offset by extra work required to go back and manually code visits.
  • Integration with Aprima – NoteSwift seamlessly interacts with Aprima to make lookups and searches within the patient record faster and easier.
  • ICD-9 and ICD-10 Code Support – For maximum flexibility, NoteSwift for Aprima allows users to dictate diagnoses by ICD-9, or ICD-10 code number, or by diagnosis name.
  • Fast and Easy Deployment – NoteSwift facilitates the medical providers’ workflow right out of the box, so there’s no need for costly or extensive customization.

NoteSwift for Aprima captures the patient visit easily, virtually eliminating point and click and reducing the amount of time spent on patient documentation. Providers can create patient notes that contain all relevant and billable data, experience increased productivity and accuracy, ultimately leading to increased satisfaction with the EHR.

“Making EHRs easier to use while minimizing the time it takes to create patient notes is critical for the successful adoption of EHR systems,” said NoteSwift’s president and CEO, Wayne Crandall. “Our collaboration with Aprima brings a complete, seamless and enhanced experience to Aprima PRM 2014 users.”

NoteSwift is available for Aprima PRM 2014 as well as Aprima 2011, directly from Aprima. For more information about NoteSwift for Aprima, email

About NoteSwift
NoteSwift is dedicated to improving physician workflow with innovative technology solutions. The company was founded by Dr. Chris Russell, a software engineer-turned-physician who uses NoteSwift daily in his Neurology practice in Atlanta, GA. NoteSwift currently offers speech recognition enhancement solutions for several EHR’s including Aprima 2011, Aprima PRM 2014, Amazing Charts, Allscripts Professional, and Allscripts TouchWorks.

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