NoteSwift 3.0 Makes Entering Patient Notes in Allscripts Professional EHR™ 40% Faster

Entire patient notes entered with fewer than 5 mouse clicks

Boston, Mass. January 11, 2016 – NoteSwift, Inc. has announced the release of the 3.0 version of NoteSwift, which enables healthcare providers using Allscripts Professional EHR with Dragon Medical speech recognition to enter patient notes 40% faster than with Allscripts Professional alone. With NoteSwift, providers use just their voice to place both structured data and narrative text into the patient note, reducing over 100 annoying mouse clicks and keystrokes to less than five. In addition, NoteSwift links the narrative details with the structured data, enhancing the overall clarity and completeness of the chart. 

This latest version of NoteSwift includes robust new time-saving and frustration-reducing features for the most intensively used sections of the patient note:

  • Reason for Visit – Just say the symptom and NoteSwift automatically searches for it. Multiple findings can be entered in a single voice stream without the need to repeat “Next finding.” Entries are made via natural dictation, so that “Week: 2” becomes “2 weeks ago.”
  • Assessment & Plan – When updating current medications, simply speak the patient’s past and current medications into the note instead of time-consuming manual keyboard entry.
  • Prescribe – NoteSwift’s new Med-Alias file immediately recognizes the top 100 prescribed drugs. Simply say the drug name, strength, dosage, days, quantity and refills. In less than 5 seconds the e-prescription is ready to be sent to the patient’s local or mail-order pharmacy. 
  • History – Meet MU requirements by automatically entering Family and Social History as structured data.

Other enhancements include context-sensitive help based on each section of the note, and the ability to use a single profile for local and remote access.

“Physicians are complaining loudly about the time they spend, both in the office and at home, on electronic health records. NoteSwift users tell us that by reducing the time they spend on patient documentation, they can see at least two more patients per day and get home earlier,” said Wayne Crandall, President and CEO of NoteSwift. 

Users of NoteSwift 2.0 with a current maintenance contract will be contacted by NoteSwift regarding a complimentary upgrade to the 3.0 version. 

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About NoteSwift
NoteSwift is dedicated to improving physician workflow with innovative technology solutions. The company was founded by practicing Neurologist, Dr. Chris Russell, in order to improve efficiency and productivity with his own practice’s electronic health records system. Dr. Russsell’s unique combination of expertise in medicine and software development helped him to perfect the integration between the EHR and Dragon Medical speech recognition software. The result is a solution that dramatically accelerates the data entry of patient notes.

The NoteSwift and Allscripts Partnership

NoteSwift for Allscripts Professional EHR is marketed, sold and supported directly by Allscripts. Practices can contact their Allscripts account manager for more information.

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