eDist Business, LLC Announces Availability and Compatibility of Allscripts Professional EHR 13.0 Solution with NoteSwift Software

Partnership bridges the gap between physicians and their EHR to dramatically reduce time required to document patient care.

(Mahwah, NJ)  eDist Business, LLC has announced the expanded partnership between Allscripts and NoteSwift as well as the availability of both products to create a complete solution for streamlining workflows. The compatibility of Allscripts Professional EHR™ 13.0 and NoteSwift software will allow physicians to produce patient records in a fraction of the time it takes to point and click within the EHR alone.

“Allscripts Pro is one of the leading EHR systems available and NoteSwift is the newest tool making the adoption of the EHR and speech recognition simple and efficient,” said Vice President of eDist, Mike Whalen. “We are very excited about the compatibility of these two software programs and our ability to provide another great opportunity for our reseller community through the sale of these products.”

Allscripts offers comprehensive clinical solutions to the healthcare community to help physician practices create complete documentation and improved outcomes for higher reimbursements. Allscripts Professional EHR 13.0 is an ONC 2014 certified solution for small to mid-sized medical practices intended to support both Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use criteria.

NoteSwift designs, builds and markets software that integrates Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 and the EHR system. NoteSwift software specifically recognizes leading EHR templates including Allscripts Professional EHR. Clinicians can speak directly into their EHR using Dragon Medical speech recognition software and NoteSwift will grab the dictated text and input it directly into the template without manual direction, pointing or clicking.

NoteSwift actually drives the physician through the EHR template, capturing both structured and narrative data, completing the patient record in a fraction of the time it would take using the EHR alone. NoteSwift can also perform searches automatically and does not require the user to learn any new commands, thereby saving additional time on the creation of clinical documentation.

“The compatibility of Allscripts Professional EHR with NoteSwift creates a whole new platform for resellers to showcase what a complete solutions looks like and really deliver an amazing experience within the EHR,” said Whalen. “NoteSwift makes the adoption of Allscripts’ EHR faster, easier, and more intuitive.”

To learn more about NoteSwift or to become a reseller with eDist Business, visit http://business.edist.com/noteswift-distributor/.

For more information about using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, visit http://healthcare.edist.com/.

About eDist Business, LLC: 
eDist Business, LLC is the Premier Value-Added Distributor in the speech solutions industry, offering state-of-the-art technical support, professional logistics, and cutting edge marketing services that assist resellers with the growth of their voice recognition business. The eDist team consists of experienced technical sales staff selected for their excellent skills and evolving product knowledge. eDist takes pride in their ability to serve the needs of value added resellers with the personal touch of an independent wholesale distributor. The diverse product lines and depth of inventory provided by eDist offers one-stop shopping at competitive prices, enhancing reseller profitability and making business easier. For more information about eDist Business and their 40-year history serving the independent reseller, visit http://business.edist.com.

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