Amazing Charts to Offer NoteSwift Directly to Their Users Through a New Partnership

NoteSwift for Amazing Charts Increases Physician Efficiency and Speed

(Chicago, IL)  NoteSwift LLC announced today a partnership with Amazing, LLC making NoteSwift for Amazing Charts available to users of the Amazing Charts software. Amazing Charts electronic health record (EHR) system and NoteSwift, works with Dragon Medical Practice Edition from Nuance to take speech recognition to the next level of efficiency by saving physicians several minutes on the creation of each patient note each day. This partnership enables Amazing Charts to market and sell NoteSwift for Amazing Charts and bring an affordable speech recognition solution to their user base.

NoteSwift for Amazing Charts helps the practitioner capture the patient visit, expedite the documentation process and issue orders resulting in a time savings of up to 75% by decreasing pointing and clicking.

“We are excited to partner with Amazing Charts, one of the easiest to use EHRs in the market with over 7000 users,” said Chris Russell, MD and founder of NoteSwift. “By using NoteSwift and Dragon, users will experience faster and easier means to create patient notes.

NoteSwift for Amazing Charts key features include: 

  • Structured Data Entry – NoteSwift captures medications and allergies as searchable, structured data.
  • Seamless Navigation – NoteSwift enables seamless progression through records with virtually no manual intervention.
  • Integration with Amazing Charts – NoteSwift’s tight integration with Amazing Charts executes searches and lookups, as well as accesses all your Amazing Charts templates. Because NoteSwift is custom made for Amazing Charts there are no new commands to learn.
  • Intuitive Interface – NoteSwift’s “say what you see” interface makes learning a snap. You can be up and running in minutes.

“Like Amazing Charts, NoteSwift is known for a solution that is both easy to use and affordably priced,” said John Squire, President of Amazing Charts. “NoteSwift not only makes a doctor’s day-to-day life easier and more productive, it enables the physician to spend more time with patients and less time pointing and clicking”.

NoteSwift for Amazing Charts is available immediately directly from Amazing Charts and their resellers. More information about NoteSwift for Amazing Charts can be found at

About NoteSwift LLC

NoteSwift is dedicated to improving physician workflow with innovative technology solutions. The company was founded by Dr. Chris Russell, a software engineer-turned-physician who recognized that speech recognition was an unfulfilled technology in medicine with great promise. NoteSwift currently offers speech recognition enhancement solutions for several EHRs.

About Amazing Charts

Headquartered in North Kingstown, RI, Amazing Charts provides Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) and services to healthcare practices. Based on number one user ratings for usability, fair pricing, and overall satisfaction, Amazing Charts has been adopted by more than 8,600 clinicians in nearly 6,000 private practices. Founded in 2001 by a family physician, today Amazing, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Pri‐Med, an operating division of Diversified Business Communications (DBC) and a trusted source for professional medical education to over 260,000 clinicians since 1995. For more information, visit:

Trademark reference: NoteSwift & Amazing Charts logos are trademarks, registered trademarks or brands of NoteSwift LLC and Amazing LLC or its subsidiaries in the United States of America. All other companies or product names are the property of the respective owners.

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