Meet Samantha: The Intelligent, Automated, Real-Time EHR Virtual Assistant & Transcriptionist

Minimizing the time required to complete the charting process allows physicians to spend more time with patients and helps alleviate frustration & burnout

Boston, Mass. – Oct. 3, 2017 – Meet Samantha, a virtual assistant that acts as an intelligent medical transcriptionist or scribe for healthcare providers, from NoteSwift, Inc.

Samantha’s patent-pending Parsing and Dynamic Matching (PDM) technology takes the physician’s natural language input of a patient encounter and automatically identifies the discrete data elements versus the narrative text, assigns the required coding, and puts its all into the EHR exactly where it needs to be, just as if the provider had manually entered it themselves.

Samantha integrates seamlessly with the EHR (currently available for Allscripts Professional, with more EHRs launching later this year) and operates from a single screen, thereby reducing the burden on the physician of having to navigate the many EHR menus screens, check boxes and coding requirements. As a result, physicians can document patient notes in at least half the time.

“Samantha is a true game-changer and will disrupt the EHR charting process,” says Dr. Chris Russell, a neurologist at Peachtree Neurological Clinic and Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia, and Chief Medical Officer at NoteSwift. “I’m able to complete my patient notes much faster and with greater accuracy. The fact that I don’t have to jump from screen to screen and click 100 times has reduced the anxiety that used to accompany patient note entry.”

Samantha vastly improves the EHR documentation process in Allscripts Professional EHR when compared to existing workflows by:

  • Entering documentation faster and saving physicians 6-8 hours on average each week, giving them more time to see patients and to follow up on co-morbidities for better patient care.
  • Automatically adding billing codes, accurately and intuitively. Claims are submitted faster, while reimbursement denials, delays and appeals are dramatically reduced.
  • Eliminating the costs and delays of scribes, coders, and transcriptionists.
  • Automatically entering information as structured, discrete data, so it can be searched and reported on in support of Population Health initiatives, ultimately resulting in better patient care over the long term.

Through her natural language understanding and EHR integration, Samantha knows that when, for example, a physician says, “ECG 12 leads,” the EHR is looking for “tracing only of routine 12 lead electrocardiograms (CPT code 93005),” and applies the complete details to the note. The results are entered as structured, discrete data and narrative text with the corresponding coding assigned automatically.

Samantha matches dictated terms with the proper equivalent in the EHR, and detects potential conflicts or ambiguous terms, automatically prompting the user to review and correct any potential conflicts, ensuring maximum accuracy. Samantha also learns from the provider and will improve upon the tasks that the physician most commonly performs over time—just like a transcriptionist, but in real time. 

“The big challenge in the market today is that each EHR has its own unique way of documenting the patient note,” explains NoteSwift, Inc., President and CEO Wayne Crandall. “Any viable solution must have the ability to be seamlessly integrated with each supported EHR in order to ensure that the structured data output is placed correctly, and we designed Samantha to do just that.”

Samantha is available with or without built-in speech recognition, and supports most popular medical speech recognition products, including Nuance Dragon® Medical One, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition, and Dragon® Medical Network Edition, as well as M*Modal Fluency DirectTM and nVoq SayItTM. Samantha can also be used without dictation, and works with the EHR in local, Cloud- or on premise-hosted-RDP or Citrix environments. Prices range from $49-$99 per month, per provider.

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